New Year, New You...
New Frugal Lifestyle 

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Here we go... it's the new year and you've resolved to live a frugal lifestyle, again.


Okay, the holiday mayhem is no longer among us and we have sworn off spending anymore, uneccessary money.


Only, I have a few frugal money saving tips up my sleeve to get your yearly frugal budgeting in tow for your frugal lifestyle.

Like what are you doing with those holiday gift cards that are lying around you'll eventually misplace?

  • Check out websites like or for places to sell or purchase gift cards with percentages off. The percentages off range from about 4% to 12% on average which isn't bad when you're trying to save a few dollars to start off the new year. 

Or have you cleaned out the kid's closets from all of those new clothes they've recieved over the holiday? 


  • Check out for a way to make money back on the kiddos. is an online consignment store for kids. It's as simple as ordering a bag online for a refundable fee. The clothes are placed in that bag once it's recieved, then ship.
  • Shipping is FREE!!
  • Thred up pays a pretty nice percentage up front before they even sell if they like what you've sent (so send your best)!


Do you have a frugal gifts from family members you'd like to recoup some cash from? Like those ghastly cable knit turtle neck sweaters that aren't even close to being your style...then check out your local consignment selling shops to see if there are items the stores are in need of.

Remember, consignment and thrift stores need to replenish their stock after the holidays, so give them a try.

It's the start of the year and you're already making plans for your frugal travels, then check out a few free apps to help keep your plans and itenerary organized and convenient.

Have you vowed to become more avid in frugal cooking but are scratching your head as to where you should start? No worries at the start of the year absolutely everyone vows to become a more healthier and happier version of themselves with hopes of not breaking the bank.

Boost of Frugal Tips to Get You Starting the Year Off the
Right Way

Did you blow your budget over the holidays on everyone, but yourself? Don't stress...the months coming up will fill you with joy because you'll have a list of the best items to purchase to start the year off.


  • Linens
  • electronics (towards the end of January, start comparing the sales)
  • Holiday goodies (clearance sales are still going on. Plus, start back stock piling your gift closet)
  • fitness equipment
  • Home improvement items (plan on fixing up your house this summer then check out the clearance racks)


  • Electronics (t.v's and phones)
  • Post Valentine's Day trinkets
  • furniture (around President's Day)

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